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windster range hood

Established in 2003, Windster Hoods has been providing a new level of value and innovation in the appliance industry. Windster Hoods has a unique ability to design and manufacture range hoods that are safe, easy to operate and powerful. Our high performance range hoods are safety approved by the CSA standards of United States and Canada.

In order to provide our customers with a smoke-free environment as well as a beautiful kitchen, we've devoted ourselves into combining power with beauty and mold them into an elegantly looking range hood. The beauty, the style, the craftsmanship, all mixed together. The result is nothing less than irresistible. Let Windster range hood bring your kitchen to live. Let Windster be part of your life. Cook and enjoy.

Image of prodution steps. Step 1:design, step 2: produce, step 3: shipping.

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CSA safety approval

CSA Hazloc Certification in North America.